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A closer look at the cake. My friends encourage me in my workouts by calling me "The Muscular Magician." Okay!

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Tomorrow's my birthday, but the party was a week ago at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Review at Disney world. I was surprised.

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Saw Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys tonight in L.A.. Utterly dazzling musicians. Guitarist is Zasu Pitts's son.

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Can you imagine being a magician on "Fool Us" and looking out to see these cheery faces in the audience?

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Have you ever in your life seen three more evil looking bastards? , , and me on "Fool Us."

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For those who requested: here's a slightly out of focus picture of the alien lap dog.

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It's raining, just to prove we're really in Seattle. Here's the view from my hotel window.

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In photos, Houdini is swallowing gigantic 3" needles. At the latest Houdini exhibition, we see they were littler.

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Penn, Joel Grey, Dick Cavett, Lou Reed, and Zacherley attended. Zacherley, now 92, is the original TV horror host.

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Macdougal Street in NY. Something new in the neighborhood.

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Here's the flyer for Play Dead in Vegas . The 12th is a dress rehearsal and the 15th showtime changed to 11 p.m.

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Johnny Thompson, our magic mentor, keeping warm in the exceedingly well air conditioned theater during rehearsal.

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Silly picture of Todd Robbins and me in rehearsal for "Play Dead."

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Rascal Flatts video shoot: The guy in the middle is David Arquette, losing at blackjack to us. The deck is stacked.

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Here we are wearing our shobiz smirks with the Rascal Flatts boys at the shooting of their new video.

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Today we shot the makings of our new billboards in Las Vegas: some lovely surreal scenes involving saws.

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We were worried fans might not show up for our Comicon talk. Amazed to see the line around the block. Full house.

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Penn & I posing with Jack the Ripper victim Martha Tabram for our movie -- about Vermeer.

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Wherever I am, the very word "pancake" draws me to itself with a magnetic power.

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Arriving in London after 9 hour flight and 3 hour cab trip. Hope the Jonathan Ross show has good makeup artists.

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