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Penn's son and understudy in the new "Zolten & Teller" ad campaign. He's not the first Penn.

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Came home from my trip to find that Hofzinser's cups-and-balls cups had arrived from the English auction house.

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The S.F. Teatro Zinzani gang in their lobby after the show. A shameless, showbiz "family" in love with life.

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Sean Penn and his his new fiancé were hounded by paparazzi. She yelled for the police escort. Headline in NYPost?

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Somebody stole the big Swiss exercise ball that's supposed to be under my feet.

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Went into LA to do a little magic bit on Tosh.0. Tosh thought his wig and shirt weren't flamboyant enough.

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In Mexico City, anything can happen in the dark.

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My fellow Utah tourists.

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One of the uses of a Utah waterfall is to put things into perspective. Another is to cool your feet.

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Penn's watching Shawn Farquhar like a hawk. A very big, skeptical, scowling hawk. "Fool Us" at 9 p.m. Saturday

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I get scared when a Frenchman brings out a pack of cards on "Fool Us." This is Etienne Pradier, tres formidable.

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Seems like staple guns show up a lot on "Fool Us." Here's Jonathan trying one out on Manuel Martinez. Sat. 9 p.m.

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Colin McLeod rubs his hands in fiendish anticipation. Will he fool us? 9 p.m. tonight.

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Charlotte Marie & Keelan Leyser can change their clothes really, really fast. But can they fool us tonight at 9?

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Jolly, rude Gazzo,the street magician, isn't really trying to fool us with his balls, is he? "Fool Us" 9 tonight.

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Brynolf & Ljung on "Fool Us" this weekend. Young, handsome, and Swedish doing magic with duct tape and staples.

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This is not a genteel maitre d'. It's Nick Einhorn doing a ballbusting prediction trick. "Fool Us" tonight at 9.

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Morgan & West do magic with cut silhouettes on "FU." They supply their own Victorian lamps and fringed carpet.

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Two psycho French guys--and the critter in the weird white box--leave the crowd gobsmacked. "Fool Us," 9 p.m. Sat.

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Thanks to shovel, brush, and disinfectant, if that mouse returns tonight, it'll share a hot grill with tilapia.

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