King Charming


If she ain't bad, I'm good. #SwagginChinHair

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RT : MrTanPanda so obviously someone has been doing crystal meth

RT : can i play, lol RT MrTanPanda: Spadesssssssss

RT : HIS WHAT ?????? RT trey songz adlives be too funny

Lol RT : MrTanPanda take me with you!

iBrought race in? Ad from the 60's, why don't you learn your race. Dude looks like a monkey 2 me.

I made lemurs relevant.

I wish a chick would come holla with missin tweet and gunshot wounds...

( .___.) RT : Lmaooo my queen has me hooked on HGTV. House Hunters is my shit.

RT : Hope the panda is ready! RT MrTanPanda: I know right? We gone be on a 1,000... billions. Lol

RT : A month from now I'm going to turn 18, I don't know how to feel about that


RT : Watching the Throne

There was a guestbook to sign out & put your thoughts on the exhibit. And I happened to find this. So deep.

They had Prince's guitar there.. I lub purple..

And of course the Klan had to show up..

They had this AKA jacket too.. I thought of but then iRememered I'm following like 12 AKA's lol

Caption: "Did you say watermelon was no good?"

These are ads they used back in the day.. Man the stereotypes we joke about now def wouldn't be funny after looking @ this

This was a slave chain.. They all were connected at the neck and ankle. Crazy to imagine yourself being in one..