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How I envy this man

this is you today SMH

The not-so-hot-friend story

It’s aircraft mating season.

Some pilot humor ha ha haaa aaah. Hmmm. Ok, I’ll show myself out now.

Ha! This I like.

This is the type of verbal diarrhoea I get from everyday!

2nd place is on the right and 3rd on the left. I think they may have voted backwards.

This Lambo just zoomed past me, now my life feels inadequate :(

this is happening tonight! :)


*harlem shakes*

Miss Keri, quite revealing I must say..

On a scale of Adele to Jazmine Sullivan, how heartbreaking was the Grammy's for J Cole?

And the award goes to.... *drumroll*

I found a finger puppet outside my door, should I be worried? It's not moving either

"Bitch you wasn't with me shooting in the gymmm"

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