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Who needs SuperRugby when you can go to Canada, Hey! #Lions 2013 fixtures (TBC)

I feel like dancing, dancing...

  • 1524 days ago via site
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Sorry, but this is going to hurt! Here! RT help me, I fear I might well be going crazy.

  • 1770 days ago via site
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WTF! is that? Jean Deysel wears a bra?

  • 1781 days ago via site
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Spotted another one, won't let me tag it? Pity it's the wrong way round ;) #JouMaSeCrusader

  • 1791 days ago via site
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Here it is SBW with a passion-gap!

  • 1794 days ago via site
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This is an Epic Cracker...

  • 1795 days ago via site
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Sanity is restored... along with my IPAddress, I can now get back to work!

  • 1798 days ago via site
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RT So lets prepare ourselves for when Ricky starts to trend. << Happened already >>

  • 1801 days ago via site
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I LOL'ed... Even though there's a cat...

  • 1802 days ago via site
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Opium for newborns. No wonder our olds call it the 'The Good Old Days', everyone was stoned!

  • 1811 days ago via site
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Opium for Asthma: 40% alcohol + 3 grams of opium... It didn't cure you, but you sure as hell didn't give a shit!

  • 1811 days ago via site
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Heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine and to treat children suffering with a strong cough o_O

  • 1811 days ago via site
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Got inked! Took less than 15min. Would have been quicker if there weren't so many Smith's.

The headmaster tells me you were expelled for using the 'C' word in class...

  • 1839 days ago via site
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Kyk wat het kom kuir! Die groen gevaar!!

How boobs got their name...

  • 1851 days ago via site
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a Daily Pic would be great right now! << Here you go...

  • 1852 days ago via site
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has gone too far. Not just the Bulls jersey, but the advertising too! We get it, you're RED!

  • 1858 days ago via site
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Even more Classic I LOLed even more

  • 1872 days ago via site
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