Hal A. Pineaux


Yes the rumors are true... I was the one responsible for dethroning Sliced Bread.....I now hold the Title of BEST THING EVER

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": NeggZ *draws curtains*"

": I still want sumn sweet to eat :("

": *chokes*"

Did someone say tightness » Im just going to blame my dryer on this new found tightness

": MrNeggZ over eassssy baybeh!"

": And I love noey!!! Ass ass ass ass “: Also, I love Tina.

: So this whole day these yoga pants had a rip, and my ass was hanging out

": About the wine I got from yesterday... yea, she have the right name!"

": Heading home soak my body in warm water"

Well my friends I have discovered the GREATEST JOY sent down to me from Mount Olympus... BEHOLD!!!

Hi ladies

": I plan to spend my night twerking in the name of love. Bye."

Wah u seh? Yuh mouth slick? » ": Slick as my mouth is??? I'd be dead in a week :("

": I've been in lesbians with for 10 long years."

": lmao where are you"

": Bend ova and touch toe! Waiiiiii *kick up*"

": My left breast is noticeably bigger."

": Of course it’s shorts day and I get wide legged squat walks throughout the gym."