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Twitter dedicated to my wife, @NayaRivera. Men can be Gleeks too, don't you forget it. #TeamNaya

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for anyone else that could use some spice on their iPhone:

so....who happens to have these high quality images of Naya in her bikini that they would like to email me? pleeeeeease

I'll take this Naya over pole dancing Naya ANY day.

I officially propose that Valentine's Day be moved to February 15th. Why? Check it:

Let's be honest, there's only ONE answer for the best Naya photo of all time. #NayaHour

so did anyone notice that in this picture from last looks like Artie is sitting sans wheelchair?!

yes, my photo editing skills are superior to yours. nevertheless, they found love. Brittana is Love.

look ! we match :) #husbandandwife

I know this is the LAST thing that I should be concerned about, but does anyone know what shoes Naya is wearing here?!

anyone notice that is off here? she's still perfect :)

Quality husband/wife time. :-)

in case any of you doubted that and I are getting married...

I just HAD to share this. so flawless. I love you wife, . kudos to nayariverafan on Tumblr.

I just HAD to share this. she's so flawless. what an incredible Rachel Berry touch. kudos to hellyeahnayarivera!


will someone PLEASE look at the face Naya is making right before Light Up the World?! SHE'S SO PERFECT!

silly Naya, that's not how you spell "these belong to Mr. Naya Rivera"

guess what came on my itunes!