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I'm playing with a Microsoft Surface, which is like a table-sized iPad, but less fun and far less portable.

Since I got to Yuma, I always wondered when I'd get to cover a Board of Supervisors meeting. Today, that question is answered.

No class like first class!

There's a whole Manny Pacquiao section at the #Nike store. #boxing

Yes, that's a bet for Floyd Mayweather against Pacquiao

Editorial on front of the Arizona Republic?!?

Apparently it was enough...

Take your first look at my new toy, iPadawan.

Ah, green beer. The international symbol of St. Patty's Day

Reppin' the play-in game allegainces for the #NCAA Tourney!

My design for sports page 1 today. Other than plate registration, does anyone have suggestions?

Where I ate dinner tonight. You wouldn't believe it ;-)

OMFG, I'm eating next to Andre Royo, aka Bubs from #TheWire! Even I couldn't resist taking a picture. Man is cool as hell.

For anyone curious what it looks like to see a guy get bounced from Walmart, look at this photo...

Seagulls... In Yuma.

Wonder who drives this land rover @ UNLV ;-)

Proof that people at my paper have stopped caring.

Nothing else screams "Fun Night," more than this!

My seat for the game.

The #InsightBowl's media gift makes up for the ridiculous credentialing process.

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