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I'm Madison. I'm a purebred Shih Tzu (or so they tell me). I'm also awesome.

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"But Mama, I want to open them NOW!"

  • 1958 days ago via site
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Pet me pet me Pet Me PET ME!!!

I had a long, hard day!

I made another new friend today. And I think he liked me, too!

  • 1998 days ago via site
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If this sweet little face knocked on your door, you'd give him candy, right? Happy Halloween!

  • 2010 days ago via site
  • 54

Here I am, all ready to walk the AIDs Walk LA tomorrow, repping !!!

  • 2024 days ago via site
  • 22

If I beg really nicely will #LifeUnexpected come back on?

Apparently is a star now, because she came to play Wii today. But she'll always be French Fry Lady to me!

  • 2044 days ago via site
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It's mix & bake, and I helped! Too bad I can't share in the snacking on it :(

  • 2048 days ago via site
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I'm lonely. I want my friends to come back over. And maybe bring me fries...

  • 2067 days ago via site
  • 27

Snowball FINALLY got neutered so now we can hang out peacefully and the way I've always wanted: just chillin' on the couch

  • 2067 days ago via site
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My harem has returned! Check me out with & . I've got them trained!!

  • 2083 days ago via site
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"This is MY new toy, right? makes a good cuddle-buddy!"

  • 2086 days ago via site
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Mama went to Castle Park and all I got was this lousy skeeball!

  • 2129 days ago via phone
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Mama's birthday is tomorrow and we had ice cream cake for dinner. Yes, that's blue, pink & yellow frosting on my face!

  • 2140 days ago via site
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Mama says it's just not summer until we watch 'Camp Nowhere!'

  • 2143 days ago via phone
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I am the thing that lives under the stairs.

  • 2145 days ago via phone
  • 32

Snowball looks confused to see me cause we've been separated due to my injury.

  • 2162 days ago via phone
  • 29

Day 2 with Snowball! Hanging in his house for a bit!

  • 2166 days ago via phone
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This is Snowball. He lives next door. He's awesome, too. Except for when he tries to hump me.

  • 2167 days ago via site
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