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Im out here in a sweatshirt B RT : Dear Summer, it was only yesterday...

kid on this bus thinks its cool to scream out every 2 mins & the parents aint say shit yet #iDidNotSignUpForThisShyt

John Legend was feelin himself by puttin 20 joints on this Album..

The Aftermath apparently 2 people were stabbed smh #Norfolk

Dude really had Draya in them nosebleed seats and she instagramed that? Lmaoooo

How I lose my metrocard and it had like $35.00 on it

I wonder if I will see today..

I'm told this is the gas station the scene was shot with Oscar Grant and the pitbull for those who saw #Fruitvale

PRAYING RT : Obama on forgiving Federal Student Loans > http://t.co/S78QC3iup6

On my way to the airport to catch an early flight!! ✈✈ Man I'm tired

You don't always get what you want! But the grass ain't always greener

Stopped thru the Nuyorican to see my boy do his thing tonight

Fine RT : be nice to my girl, jay!


Especially when you see an apartment online with great pics and you go see it, and it looks nothin like the pictures!

About to check out this new music from Raphael Saadiq's new artist. R&B singer

RT : Someone give me a synopsis of this Kendrick verse please. I'm at work and shit.

Smh and updates his status RT : Dude kills wife & posted the picture on Facebook......WTH