Matthew Diaz


Short man. Ohio native. Soon to be purusing my PhD in Atlanta. Interested in sex, masculinity, medicine, & disability. Filthly mouth. Pure heart.

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You’re missing out.

I am 100% ready for this to be a reality. Bucky-Cap is amazing and Seb is so fucking sexy.

Please note:

Saw this and had to take a screenshot..

Not feeling it today.. … Nope.

I really need to see CATWS again. What a flawless movie!


most of y’all.

My baby sister looks so mature and pretty in this picture.. I can’t believe she’s not a baby anymore. Makes me sad..

My favorite photo possibly ever..

OMG look at this!!

If I knew curlers had such FUCKING AMAZING UNIFORMS I would have picked up that sport years ago!

How many of y’all bronies want a “My Little Pony” butt plug??

Happy birthday love!

LOL this bingo card for what they find in Beiber’s house during this raid owns the internet today!

RT : Adam and I love We miss you .. ….*Photoshops myself into this photo and makes it my background*

“Gay Male” is not a language you can just translate at the click of a button Facebook.. Its a lifestyle!

Look at these amazing people/projects I’m presenting with!!