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Husband/ Christian/ Son/ Brother/ Teacher/ Friend/ Thinker/ and Lover of Life - I am MrJeffreyMister and anything less would be uncivilized!

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This is how I do carry out. Lol. Check the face too.

Got that Madden 12 in my possession. It is on! #Hahaha

It's a gov't cheese line at #Grimaldi Pizzeria. This pizza better be as good as they say. My back sweat easy. Lol.

Does this guy look like he's 50? He said he's gone 28 years with no meat.

Getting the Apollo tickets for tonight. Hope its good. Harlem what's up?

This has to be the tallest women I've ever seen.

Proof. Lol. #DavidLetterman #CBS

Today Show pic

Smh. Look at this. Especially and

Dana is in Tiffany's on 5th Avenue. Help! Window shopping can't be good. #RealMansNightmare

Times Square and the humidity has followed us here. Ready to get our grub on.

Praying for a safe flight to Atlanta and then to New York. I hate we're missing Young Adult Sunday school

is smiling like Tyrone Bigums on the 3rd of the month after that meal.

Just checked my skin and I think that paintball gave me a tattoo.

Starting to think about this. Too late now. Gamw face.

Its on! #paintball time

Its almost time.

In Hernando.

I hope so. Wish you'll could've made it.

Look at Terence face when #BET messed up the award. He like "Ohhh!" Lol. #BEtAwards still did it on purpose.

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