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Every now and then the radio gives me money to be an idiot. The rest of the time I do it for free! As seen on Spanish TV.

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So has devised an amazing way to stop the dog missing me while I am away this weekend!

Favourite Celebrity Mugshots No.8 - Ozzy Osbourne

Favourite Celebrity Mugshots No.13 - Randy Quaid

Only person in the pub (I'm Sheffield) to recognise Jim Gannon in the picture quiz! How did he end up in it!?!?

just get one of these...

thankfully the beard is now back!!!x

My little gerbil has passed away

God bless little Mr Derek
26.12.2009 - 30.10.2013
He loved his Millennium Falcon

This is brilliant! Severe Gails across the UK...

Back to reality...

Stole a lollipop off and this happened!

Here is pretended to be of some use at work! #Lazy

. is 'home run' a toff slang word for a disabled person with a spare bedroom?

I can't shake this image off with Rodgers though...

of course 'Y Traeth' here's me singing my heart out for the lads there!x

So it turns out left his Tupperware in me car!

can anybody tell me who this band is, they played Saturday evening and were unreal?

you look like mulligan and O'Hare

you look like mulligan and O'Hare

This is what looks like in the morning!

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