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Nice guys finish last, well that suits me just fine, being nice costs nothing. Peace and love baby. X Singlesville. Follow for follow, its only fair, innit?

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No pain no gain.

  • 985 days ago via rowi
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Say hello to my little friends. Gym time.

  • 985 days ago via rowi
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My workout Tee I wore today.

  • 986 days ago via rowi
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I know it is childish but I always chuckle when I get an e-mail from Sweden. It means End ha ha.

  • 993 days ago via rowi
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He he he.

  • 1017 days ago via rowi
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Snow can even make this dump look nice.

  • 1017 days ago via rowi
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Scary on your own.

  • 1017 days ago via rowi
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I replaced one of my workmates with this ha ha.

Bollocks. Last 2 slices as well. Ah well, better do the scrape.

So the weather forecast on Thursday was heavy snow Friday night then raining saturday and Sunday. Pffft.

I am gonna show it anyway ha ha.

My attempt at art. I am rubbish.

Ha ha ha. Me when I was 18, I am on the left. Man, that was a top holiday.

Ah the good old days. Had to go through 7 rounds to get this. I hate getting old.

This was me 2 years ago. The top of Beachy Head. Look it up.A spitfire flew below those cliffs that day.

Made a snowman of my ex girlfriend ha ha.

I rolled down a slope on the way home, ha ha. This is the year I don't give a shit.

Here we go again. Managed to make it without falling off, whoop.

Anyone want to come dig me out tomorrow?

hmm. I played gnasher KOH last night, think I did quite well considering, we lost though.

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