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A Grinderz Intuition: Father, Taurus,Renaissance Man .. I Love REAL TALK & discussions that are filled with substance #DidUKnoThat..Still sufferin from REALNE$$

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Power to the people


Goofy at night! Turned up #HARD !!!!!!!!!! FOA <3

2 of em #love

Sunday's best , what yaw gone do wit us

#OTG: show them rookies how it's done Salute!”

: Im still loyal to Dont ever get it twisted”

Join me lol “: damn not an extension cord lol”

#Wham: hello we was talking abt the power button in class today and i thought of u”

Srt8 like datt“: Oh yea? ": I remember servin so much Snow I couldnt Smell"”

Feel me early... “: Don Julio Anejo is my SHIT”

Digg that “: My Rolex sitting pretty !!! And these Bitches ain't fucking with me!!”

: Shades darker den a bitch but I can see.....”



: Thinkin Of Ah Master Plan Y I Smoke Dis Blunt”

It ain't hard to tell,...

He sent his piece to the store for some blunts and gold boys...

I knew this is wut yu niggas be doin #Lowkey

I'm tell n bru they soft like...

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