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I tell it how it is,not how it might be.......#Varsity

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": Leave it in her butt season is upon us." <--- yes it is ladies


This pineapple Fanta tho....

My nigga Ye' think he The Last Airbender??, Yeezus 2 really may be magical....

look where this dude lined up, how can yall stand behind this dude? How son?

how can you play this dude Coach smh, dude lined up 11yds back smh....

#Saints How can this be a starting CB in the NFL smh, HOW?! He's almost as far as the Safety....


": Guess i will give yall a warning.... Clear iPod space for audio drugs 2morro... #organizedcrime"

": Thieves caught stealing F.Q. trash can on video- bit.ly/ZjgU0y"

Lawd knows I'd murk one of these niggas....

": God's work RT : $5 box?"

The comment tho ????????????

RT : #BRA Cesar will have his choice tonight #Thinkonit 3-2 on penalties great game!

RT : 11. Publishers clearing House knocks on your door and tells you that you've won... Twitpic your reaction.

F Jordan/Bron/Mamba n KD this weekend, EYE NEEDS THESE B!!!!!

is yours as loud???

RT : Men feel love by receiving gifts. Women feel love by receiving attention/affection.

Still ????????