Phish enthusiast, waiting for the next Glide. Topophile. Hiker. Road tripper. Honda Element owner. Seltzer drinker. Chocobot. Ravens & Os fan. Student doula.

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Bridal shower preview. How Old is Laura in Each Photo Game:

Some sibling names Savannah (Hailey is in there!)

Hey, let's play another round of What the Hell Did I Write? What's that last to-do item?

Phishy vodka, a Ravens ornament, & a Pats ornament to really twist the knife, SELTZER, and cute books!


Taking a stroll past the back of the venue? Come visit Andy and I in our new private bar aka my new fav seats.

'Your Taun Taun will freeze before you reach the first marker!' 'Then I'll see you in hell!!'

The Old Phwish List is back in action. #phish

That thing totally knew I was from Providence.

Consider that tree trimmed

Andy is all "Ok, we have a lot to do today. Let's get moving." Next minute, he's jamming Tweeprise in the studio.

Look at this bullshit! Can't believe I never noticed this. ::makes Genius Bar appointment::

Just added this #llama rug to my Christmas List. Or Wedding registry.

Ohhhhhh that looks good. We just had the innards at my Thanksgiving:

Something beautiful is happening on the beach. #phish #phanart

I love you

Can we just talk about this? And how I got into legit Polar Seltzer conversation in the check out line.


Learned from the best.

That guy must be friends with this guy I saw in NC this summer.