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For those who missed it this morning, a takeaway curry menu I made years ago as a Christmas card for friends

I don't normally buy into this stuff, but this piece of toast does look weirdly like Jesus

The nature of tweeting

An old drawing of mine …

Wow! You can actually see round corners…


Lynne Truss's new book to be based on the sayings of Muttley translated from the original German…

Light Brigade

Crow lament

Golf Sale sign

My drawing skills

Wheat intolerance

Enjoyed duck is soon forgotten.

Each duck brings something different.

One should not take too much on his duck to take. (Thanks for that, Google Translate)

New ducks, new laws.

Here is a cartoon of mine that many of you will have seen before. Not Safe For Home.

Somewhere on my computer I've got a folder full of Russian Doll jokes…

My cartoon for this month's magazine.

At Easter it is traditional for the male of our line to don the ancient Humpty outfit…