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27, Catholic, Conservative, looking to disrupt The Narrative as often as possible! Abair leat! Nil ach saol amhain agat! #HH #CelticFamily #IAmBreitbart #tcot

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Breaking Hearts and securing 3 pts today for Celtic, a fitting memorial for departed legend Sean Fallon! #COYBIG

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Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a POTUS who cherished the Bill of Rights? A POTUS who upheld the Constitution?

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Obama's #lapdogmedia is desperate to change the subject away from the looming fiscal iceberg. Wait...what?

  • 590 days ago via site
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Wouldn't it be great if the #lapdogmedia got as worked up about reporting #Benghazi as they are about the NRA ad?

  • 591 days ago via site
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The latest Establishment Media talking point is that anti-gun, anti-Constitution wingnuts are now "mainstream."

  • 591 days ago via site
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It's difficult to have a constructive discussion with people like this...

  • 591 days ago via site
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It's not the CONTENT of the dissent that infuriates Obama, the Left and the #lapdogmedia but the EXISTENCE of it!

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23 executive orders...

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#WeAlmostDatedBut You thought minting a trillion $ coin was a smart solution to the debt ceiling... #sorrynotsorry

  • 597 days ago via site
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Sorry economically-illiterate Left-wing nut jobs! We live in the real world. And in the REAL world, guess what?

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Chris Christie didn't complain about the massive amount of pork included in the Sandy bill could he?

  • 598 days ago via site
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What does a Democrat-approved "Republican" look like? Have a look...

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Fraser Forster saves the day! #HH

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When Santa gets thirsty you know what he reaches for...

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Merry Christmas Brian! All the best to you and yours! Hail! Hail! =)

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It’s sad and disturbing how often the Left’s spasmodic response to tragedy and death is to blame the Constitution.

  • 620 days ago via site
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LWNJ Bill Maher scoffs: 'Sorry but prayers and giving your kids hugs fix nothing' Share this!

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Tommy Burns, Celtic legend. 1956-2008 Gone but not forgotten! #HH

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In response to the ghoulish Left-wing nutjobs who exploit death for political gain I offer this: try it

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Hail! Hail! #broonybanter \o/

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