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27, Catholic, Conservative, looking to disrupt The Narrative as often as possible! Abair leat! Nil ach saol amhain agat! #HH #CelticFamily #IAmBreitbart #tcot

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Tell us more about so-called "Chicago values" ! How soon till you join Ryan and Blago in prison?

  • 756 days ago via site
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Obama and his Kool-aid cadre are getting really angry because Romney is using their own words to beat them. Good!

  • 757 days ago via site
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The Obama administration may have silenced Senator Feinstein but there HAS been a new development re the leaks...

  • 758 days ago via site
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Obama demonstrates his knowledge of economics and his vision of "fairness." Now, about those 57 American states...

  • 758 days ago via site
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McHugh and McBrearty hoist the cup! Ulster for now, All-Ireland soon!

  • 758 days ago via site
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Dhún na nGall Seaimpíní Uladh 2012 !!

  • 760 days ago via site
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"If you’ve got a didn’t BUILD that. Somebody ELSE made that happen." --Barack Obama

  • 760 days ago via site
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If you enjoy the "humor" of misogynist and pathetic hipster "comedians" like then all I can say is...

  • 763 days ago via site
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I love it that the Democrat Party's sell-out (get it?) last stand will be made in Charlotte at a place called...

  • 763 days ago via site
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Note to Dems: Higher marginal tax rates result in a smaller economy, fewer jobs, less investment, and lower wages.

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"I've got a 3-letter word for you: Jobs. That's right! J-O-B-S!" -Clueless Joe Biden

  • 764 days ago via site
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Is it that Democrats really don't know where the money comes from? Or do they just lack intellectual honesty?

  • 764 days ago via site
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"I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart." -Barack Obama

  • 764 days ago via site
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Let's also make sure that THIS CLOWN is no longer in charge of the Senate in 2013! #tcot

  • 764 days ago via site
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Osama bin Laden? You didn't kill that. Somebody else made that happen. And one more thing:

  • 764 days ago via site
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And now a message from the President of the United States... cc:

  • 764 days ago via site
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Why is this white man so angry? lol And why won't the chamber he controls pass a budget? How long has it been?

  • 765 days ago via site
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Debbie Wasserman Schultz doubles down on the "Romney is a felon" nonsense. Why? Because she's bat shit crazy...

  • 766 days ago via site
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O RLY? lol #punk

  • 767 days ago via site
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So, what does Obama's #Julia look like after a lifetime of government co-dependency? Well...

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