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I draw cute stuff sometimes! http://t.co/YaIHHHlWQP

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Fig rolls!

gotta go, gotta, gotta go fast fast fasterfasterfaster!

They come in 3's...

nintendo DS, DS light, DS XL, Pokemon emerald, diamond and white

My New personal Armour is finished!! I think it looks alright, what do you think?

  • 1333 days ago via site
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I've always wanted to have a jacket! This will be my personal armour, and yes some of it was inspired by Kirito's jacket from Sword Art Online, which is a good anime! Keep in mind this is a WIP so if there's any suggestions please say so

  • 1335 days ago via site
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So, Messy hair or Neat?

  • 1337 days ago via site
  • 43

Meh, my new picture xD thanks for the inspiration of "I'm a wizard!"

  • 1342 days ago via site
  • 79

Some Line arrrrt =w=

  • 1355 days ago via site
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Strike A Pose With A Gun!

  • 1355 days ago via site
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Almost done with my personal armour! Just need to do the weapon holstar and maybe add some more details? Suggestions?

  • 1357 days ago via site
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What do you think of this leg? Should I make another one? Please feel free to suggest cause I'm not sure

  • 1360 days ago via site
  • 28

Headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!1 which colours is your fav?

  • 1364 days ago via site
  • 35

Spirirt Battle Cat Master, any changes? cause i will be animating it's walk and attacks (this will be a battlepet)

  • 1368 days ago via site
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Pony Mode Activate!

  • 1371 days ago via site
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Okay, Basic done, now to shade and animate >=3 not sure 'bought the colours though

  • 1373 days ago via site
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Working On my personal armour (1 out of a few) Should I add goggles?

  • 1376 days ago via site
  • 30

Alright this is the "Battle Sir" (if anyone can think of a better name PLEASE tell me) updated with tiny changes

  • 1376 days ago via site
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I'm stuck, I don't know what else to do or even is it looks good =/

  • 1384 days ago via site
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Internet was out so I made this helm sketch

  • 1386 days ago via site
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