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playing human Twister!

Aw sheeeeeeeeeeeet! #zombie

Applejack belt buckle. Herpaderp.

Applejack?! Gonna trim some bangs in and I'm practically done, haha

Applejack! Shirt, apples, lasso, boots, belt and cowboy hat!

Finished jacket w/X-Men patch and partially finished belt. Only need to make 2 more pouches!

Just need to add X-Men applique and some other pieces.

Rogue jacket progress! Next=sleeves! #xmencosplay

I dun made some mapo tofu!

Finished Rogue wig! I freaking love how it turned out. :3 #xmencosplay

Dried fruit! Strawberries, mango, pineapple and kiwi!

Workings of my Rogue wig! Still working on the white part, not sewn down yet! #xmencosplay

Applejack thus far. My belt is a little too light of a brown, but I kinda don't care.

Base wig for Rogue! Though I feel like it's more accurate for Phoenix, haha

& during Shark Week at !

Shark Week at !

All finished! Gradient dyed, painted and beaded! :3

Belldandy progressssss!

Getting awesome progress on Belldandy! Ran out of thread though...:(

Slowly, but surely, Belldandy progress! Completed skirt, minus dye. Working on the top now!

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