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Parenting is so tough but this little moment right here makes it so worthwhile

you better go find her for your bucket list

One of these things just doesn't belong here

Riiiiiiiight ......

Nah yo. I don't approve under ANY circumstance ......

My love for the Sloth is genuine

There goes my baybeeee

Right when I think there's nothing else he can say or come up with......

I'm sick of Olivia this year

Lol. Don't do this. Ran around the lake ...RT : wyd run around to the corner store and back lol

Nah yo....this can NEVER be life

RT : "I knew she was a bulls fan cause when my D Rose she was like Deng" -Sloth

When those lips get to flappin & folks get to yappin.....

Soooooo this is how my peeps wanna greet me this muthaphuckin morning

Well damn IT

Man ol Man....listening to this and I don't eem know what I'd do in this situation

Meant to show my love to Melo

This gotta be the most severe case of fuck shit I've seen up in here .....ol mob ass vending machines

Nah yo......not this early in the week

Sending my love to my bay bay

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