What's the good of the strongest heart in a body that's falling apart? A serious flaw, I hope you know that. - Evita

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I thanked Kris for actually playing Call Me Maybe and this is how he signed my CD #mylifeisweird

Look what we made!! (Ignore the water damage caused haze)

The yankees lost, I missed the debate, but this happened, so I'm good. #myqueen

File under: things I love abt nyc

And thus begins my new and even nerdier Lego collection. #starwars

My finger is not only cut but also all bruised and groce. This is why I'll never be Katniss :(

My big pup is all curled up and cozy :3

My puppy is a strange puppy

Late night purchases #klassy #leakycon

There are 2.5 people in this photo. Welcome to the next 5 days of my life. #puppypilesgalore

Green hair for leaky! I promise it's green and not yellow, despite how it looks #slytherinpride

It is a good thing I'm driving to (this doesn't even include the drinks and snacks!!)

I haz batman socks :3

Here's with the drawing she did for . I love #Ascendio

The Lang bros are ADORABLE #Ascendio

A more-finished dalek!

The daleck side of 's Doctor Who tat, in-progress. ()

Step 2: buy AWESOME color