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Just messing around! :P #DF #Stuff

  • 32 days ago via site
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I've cleared my cache, relogged about 5-6 times, and checked on almost all the servers. #TheMessedUpPart

  • 169 days ago via site
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Loading 100%.....well that's all I get to see before getting disconnected. Might as well get used to it. T____T

  • 192 days ago via site
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It seems not even Ultra Yamao could stand aganst the power of love! #feltlikeforever #RedefinesUltraBoss #1.7mHP

  • 204 days ago via site
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After a completely draining and endless session of brainless clicking [2 hours and 20 mins to be precise] EUREKA!

  • 209 days ago via site
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Rocking it out the "Steampunk Way" with and buddies!

  • 209 days ago via site
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Here you go girl!

  • 217 days ago via site
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Why do I have this image as my login screen today? Its been over two years since DVN war!

  • 217 days ago via site
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Plan A took toll on my wrist,so Plan B it is! Since something is better than nothing! #Goodluck2all

  • 219 days ago via site
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It shows Rare today while it was this http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/wrath-of-legion yday, can you please have a look!

  • 225 days ago via site
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Didn't see that coming! Is this voodoo magic?

  • 360 days ago via site
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O.o? What have we got here?

  • 368 days ago via site
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HueHueHueHue ~~(^o^~~) \(^O^\) I(^O^)I (/^O^)/ (~~^o^)~~

  • 372 days ago via site
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This one's for ya crazy cacti! :P

  • 386 days ago via site
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Will grumpy moglin look good with this set?? HELP!

  • 390 days ago via site
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RT So am I the Biggest Troll or what? XD

  • 435 days ago via site
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Was kinda fun creating this one, it goes out to my favorite pinkomancer and boy does she smile like woah!! :P

  • 440 days ago via site
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Well totally inspired from 's series of Voids. Got to learn a lot about the animation part as well as metal shading while doing this piece. Hope you guys enjoy! And yes its EVIL! >:D
Here's the link for the animated one: http://xaru666.deviantart.com/art/Djinn-Void-378246457?ga_submit_new=10%253A1371340945

  • 441 days ago via site
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#OverSoul My entry for character suggestion contest! meet Albus Von Frey!

  • 442 days ago via site
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Time for a new avatar.....>:D

  • 442 days ago via site
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