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I wear the pants in this relationship

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It’s finally here!!!!! #New psyched to hear the new album!!!!

who’s the follower now?

Wonder who’s running the Team SBH email account now…I didn’t send that out


Google’s homepage today. #HachamOvadia


My wake up today:

Just went to the Syrian border…now that we left, I am now considered a boat no? #B #O #T #E

Shana bet picture…plus JoJo #SYRepresent

Yehudia hike. Day 2. We finished the 2 hour part of the hike in 45 minutes #ShragaChampions

Oo look there’s an SY in Israel #g37x

Look who I found ATwitter

uh hey. Yeah!

Only in the Tel Aviv shuk lol

I’m so ready #NYR #LGR

Sunset in Tel Aviv…

R Shamula’s wall:

Are you in Israel for the year? Sign up with today!! Contact me or for details

Holy shit me and are in the new #TFT music video!!!! #WarningSigns

It’s Monday night! That means poppers in the dorms night. Or as Shraga calls it, P in the D!