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Sound Engineer @ I am lucky enough to spend my days mixing film trailers and other things. Film Lover, Drummer, Wanderer.

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5.1 Trailer Mix today in our Dolby Cinema suite. Loving it! #Work #Trailer #Mixing #Audio

11 UK TV spots mixed for #Xmen #DaysOfFuturePast Busy day at work!

L.A office is closed so I'm actually calm for one morning.Managed to tidy my studio for once!

Today was scary. Today was awesome.

Oh my. Pay day and goodies from the boss! Today is a good day! Lava lamp and champagne for xmas treats :)

Weekend relaxation at home. Serene reflection before heading back to the busy hussle of London.

New kings of Leon album, enjoying 5.1 mix at work. Love it.

My flat white skills are lacking this morning, looks a bit shit. Tastes amazing. #FlatWhitePoo

First ducklings of easter spotted at home :) Go little dudes!

Think I caught the sun today...

Oh heeeeeells yeah!

Happy monday morning, everyone! Made myself a big breakfast to kick off the week #CalorieOverload

look what was on offer in sainsburys. £1.50. Bought 4. Boom.

This mornings filming location.

Ok #Fringe finale'. Lets do this. End of an era.

Drying bedsheets and clothes at same time like a boss.

I leave my flatmates modern art around the flat sometimes. #BoringSaturday

Cooking up homemade meatballs and spaghetti, bolognese sauce + bacon, mushrooms and a few drops of tabasco mixed in.


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