Angharad, innit!


Nurse/Footballer: Prone to bouts of randomness, night shift delirium and the ocassional injury!

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hope I have enough luggage allowance to get my #pinkpopup shop goodies back home with me!

Birthday on Bondi Beach! #oz

A Mr October for :)

here's mine :) still waiting on my badge of honour as they were out! #10thPint #RollUpYourSleeve

Proper look at the colour :) loving the Blue!!! #Bluehair


This is how my hair looks at the bottom :D love it!!!

I've actually managed to grow a mint plant!! :P

My tea was made with love :)

My malteasers have taken to playing tetris

Mr September, sorry for the wait!

well not exactly :)

You all remember the theme song right?? #newtee #funhouse

You all remember the theme song right?? #newtee #funhouse

My drink

Train drinking on a Wednesday with !

Thank you !! Will definitely be wearing these all day :D

*admittedly not wine but alcoholic all the same* cheers :)

Loving the atmosphere inside the Millennium Stadium for the #Olympics :D

Slush puppy and twister lolly #perfect