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Clever as the devil and twice as pretty. Unofficial know it all. I talk about makeup & social media - it doesn’t get any deeper than that. Hates: pickles.

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Bae at work #jerswhoeverur (cc )

Everyone is splitting doughnuts to share and I'm all...NOAP!

Ummm anyone else have an #iPhone6 that does this? It pushes my screen down randomly

Can we talk about a) my cheekbones in this pic and b) my necklace?

Alicia and Linda. brings out all da girls #nars20

Alicia Keys is here! #nars20

Alicia keys is here

Okay. Made it to celebrate #nars20 and this happened

I wasn't kidding about that bookcase. Beyoncé still not on huh?

"I may be pregnant, but I can still kick your ass"

Bought this shirt but am contemplating returning it because they don't have the apostrophe in "don't".

OMG. can we think of your real housewives opening line? Something catchy...

Singlehandedly annihilated these bad boys in the office.

I mean...

Reasons why is the best work husband. I tweet I'm hungry and chained to desk, he brings lunch for two.

Wanna see some nudes? (Umm Nudes that is) #bbloggers

Beyoncé to Jay Z "they really thought we were gonna show up"

My timeline be like...#betawards

Organizing my lipgloss collection. #makeupaddict

She's just gorgeous.