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Just made a genius playlist with Open Your Eyes for you. Has most of my favourite songs.

It would seem I am in a very oxymoronish mood today.

Are you going to out for a lunt soon, ?

Love how You Tube suggests artists I usually have on my most played lists

This is why I love … couldn't stop laughing! #3Dprinting

What my tumblr archive looks like at the moment. #IDF2013

Oh relax people. Even the men of the designs eek are sporting moustaches.

#designiseverywhere Found on one of my sites on the first visit. #Patterns #grid

#graphicart Olympic Stamps!

#designiseverywhere heart shaped dried up paint on an old palette.

#designiseverywhere Fashioned a seat out of desperate measures! #Balance

#designiseverywhere A bathroom designed around a coconut tree.

#designiseverywhere cute girly graphic art in a restroom

#designiseverywhere Desperate measures call for desperate solutions

#designiseverywhere Graphic art lying at a friend's place.

Cos of this:

Stuff Legends are made of:

so just spammed my TL

STILL listening to the song.

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