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Hand written lyrics to "Gravity Happens," my fav song on 's latest album. Thanks Kate!<3

Collection complete!! :D Ty (again) for the heads up!!

lol at the nail polish name at the bottom.

Omgomgomgomg ty so much !! <333333 *sqqquuueeeeee* :D

When you realize you've had this at home but no one told you. Omg brb listening <3 #GilmoreGirls


Omgomgomg yay!! Ty sooooo much !! Soooo happy!! :))))) LOVE. <333

it's at cvs--go go go!

My haul for todayyy. :) Made it better after annoying ppl stayed on their phones through BD. Ha!

Made me think of you :)


Also immediately after spotted this & I squeed. :D Eeee awesome!!

Forever loving the bus seats that move. Weeeee. #alwaysakid


One more of whole thing. Sry abt bad lighting! Colors keep changing. At Regal! Guy says it's new.

Close up of Queen. #SWATH

Close up of Huntsman. #SWATH

Close up of Snow White, omggg. #SWATH

Is this new & I just missed it or...? #SWATH Omg want!

this keeps failing when I txt you so...