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Retired teacher. I was born with a conscience and I'm not scared to use it. I am 63 so be nice. Hobbies include destroying racists.

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< First you say all them you say the majority. You talk complete garbage.

Has the program had a change of title? #edl

> The idiot didn't like a screen shot of his crap being tweeted. Oops I've done it again :)

< Looks like MuckCart if feeling butt hurt. Don't copy his tweets or he will sue you.

< Either a racist or a fake. #edl

< Idiot #edl tweet of the week and it's only Monday. Priceless.

Hahaha. Another #edl moron hits the #knowsurrender button. Falling like flies now.

< Find one tweet of mine where I defend FGM.

< Stupid question. I in no way defend this killers just like the vast majority of British Muslims.

Some #edl idiots never learn.

And then he deletes them all. #edl

Not clever.... Not clever at all. #edl

More threats from the lying #edl supporter.

Its not clever to make death threats based on a lie on twitter when it's known who you are. #edl

< The thoughts of a seriously disturbed racist mind.

< You think he's normal? Have a look.

< Still lying eh Brad? Show the proof.

< Hiding your vile tweets again? Too late.

< Hiding your vile tweets again? Too late.