#TweetOfTheYear: At 24 I don't need dreams... All I need is constant upgrade of skills, action plans and time frames. Dreams is for kids being fed - @iFortKnox

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With trying to fix our marital issues.

Huu ndio ulevi. Alone in my room with Mr. McDowell's. Let's get fucked.

there's proof. Cc


As Cyra poses with my ice cream dick.

Lock iendelee kutolewa.

Kutoa lock. One down.

REALLY!? I know I'm the Biskweet, and I love biscuits, but sending over a whole carton to my office!? SMH!!!

As designated driver malizas a whole boti of wine by himself. Because getting drunk is too mainstream :D

Old Smuggler. Because Jameson is so mainstream. I'm on a roll!!! Cc . Don't kill me yet!

He brought himself today... Breakfast... I should give him my number..

Just me and me big eyes.

This my husband ...

Aaw as I walk in to the office to find a special delivery of Pink Truffles and flowers from Nick! Aaaaaw!!! :-)

another one of these?

Threats. Cc



Make up...

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