well, I like bands and such. // Misha Collins is perfect and you are not. // @TenHolmesAngel is my Soulnapfkuchen.~

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k, so and I have interesting conversations..


at this point I'd like to remind all of you that Patrick Stump knows I exist. :)

btw it's tuesday, that screams for another sabriel picture. :)

it's monday, so have another sabriel picture.

because sabriel week.

this is a perfect description of yourself

that's all.

Miriam und ich ham die besten Gespräche.

this is me atm.

Müller, du bist wundervoll.

hi, i kind of really like this one. except the wings, but oh well.

also und verstehen sich, was? xD

Tinychat mit unso

you should take a look at this. someone said Ryan looked like a "shy burrito" (because he was wrapped in a blanket) and Jack once said "I just wanna fuck this burrito!" .... so, well.

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Tehehe.... des stand im Planetarium an so 'ner Tafel. :D

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Aliens Exist! :'D

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brb, dying.

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Frankie, what even are you doing? xD

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und hier sehen wir 's faszinierende Logik.

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