I am sugar &spice and everything nice.I am Love and Happiness. Prototype of sexy. Im a Mummy. Intergalatical Warrior Siriusly. TeamMatriarch & Feminist.

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Look at my Buddhas' Bantu knots Naga hair

I'm Sooo flooding in these scrubs... I flood in all scrubs lmao

After pic in our suspect mode lol

Before pic in our innocence

I got a pocket full of stones.....

You wanna rumble wit tha Queen Bee?! Lol throw a hex on your whole

OMG!!! I was chilling and a BEE was chilling in my hair and on my forehead didn't sting me.

Read the fever portion wit metaphysical origin &affirmation 2 healRT : Fever again. For no reason.

Taste tha real RAINBOW celery,apples, carrots, lemon, ginger

Just crusin... Following the wind & sun

Gota keep my caddy secure . Lol

Eye spy

My sun got his "digger" toys playing in the dirt. Lol

Balance scales of Justice with....what she have in her right hand

Like my painting RT : RT : !RT : Medusa was a black goddess with dreadlocks.

Here is the Table of Contents for my favorite book.

Here is a taste of my favorite book. Read. Why you should eat GREEN

these books are invaluable! The ragedy one I had the longest and use the most #GoldMine

Watch out for these.....u in deep waters with a inflatable

I'm at the grocery store making life and death decisions over Water DAMN U Beastly System distill vs Spring.