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Miranda. 17. ISFJ. Feminist. Liberal. Pro-choice. 1D, Hunger Games, & Harry Potter. Jennifer Lawrence and @NiallOfficial are my role models.

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Apparently my name is Maria now....

Lip piercing c:

my friends

How cute

Hey (:

We're so hawt

Light blue/blonde ??

And just what the fuck am i supposed to do with this?

Ahhh. My bodys gonna hate me in about 20 minutes....

how can i not i mean??...


Attempting to make a dress out of maps. I'll let you know how this goes...

Laughing bc I found sketches from last yr. Crying bc I havent improved that much

Why the fuck am i up this early. Ugh.

Welp. These are gonna hurt like a motherfucker.

Neck piercing! :D

Aw look at the couple.

Awwh. fell asleep c:

Man fuck taxes.