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New album WARRIOR feat. Neon Lights, & my new single Really Don't Care available NOW!!! Download here - http://t.co/apL1IWYNPv

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Neil, this means so much to me.. Only tears can express how moved I am by this. Thank you so much... Love you ♥ P.S. I'm so proud of u and I thank u not only for ur support but ur courage to fight

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It's been one of the most amazing experience of my life! Thank you for every single one of you who came to my show, and support me! Thank you for making my singles/albums so popular and thank you for believe in me and not let me down!!! This chapter of my life is close now, Unbroken Tour is over. But I can't express how much love did I get. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to travel over the whole Wolrd with my closest friends. They always been there for me, and I couldn't wish more. My tears are falling down, but I swear we'll meet soon! I'm coming back... I'm coming back as a #Warrior. Because 2014 is going to be BIGGER! LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveBabies

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deep down talk with the loves of my lfe.

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Backstage #lol

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Christmas love

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Everyone wish a really happy birthday to the handsome, funny, kind @ iansomerhalder ! You are one year closer to death :) Congrats! But I don't care you standin' right next to me I wrote something cute to you every year so I just couldn't miss it. Love you my brother! #4yearsoflove #haha #bestfriendsforever #endless ♥♥ grandpa ♥♥

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Happy 20th birthday to my best friend and the most beautiful boy in this whole world! Don't worry it dosen't matter how old are you, you always gonna be my baby. #thingswhatdontchange

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Happy Birthday to the best father in this world! He is more than a little girl can wish... you are my prince, my teddy bear, my friend, my daddy and my role modell. I just wish that one day my kids will have a dad like you. Thank you for raised me and that you never gave up on me. Im the luckiest that I have someone like you... you are the best person I know! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DADDY. I LOVE YOU. Happy Birthday you old womanizer.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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nail time

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But tonight I could fall too soon under this beautiful Brazilian moonlight...#funnight #friends #partyupppp #freedom

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My sweet little brother just turned 14 at this day. This is the best day in the year, nothing better could happened in this day 14 years ago... Thank you to my parents, that made my life better with this little sweetheart!! He is the best broo in this whole world. I LOVE YOU BABYYYY. And yes you always be my little baby! hahaha hold on I will be there soon and we celebrate your birthday well... sorry for not there but I will make it rightt, hmm If you see your present! BTW I found this super adorable pic of you and I had to share it with this loooooong speech

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#morocco DAMNNN

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'He's your first love.I intend to be your last.' just the sweetest thing...... damnnn

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He is not so sooo ready for the show...

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check this diva out!! asleep with his shades on. ahhahaha

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#vegasnails #bma

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If someone from my audience or my fans feels one of this.. DONT DO THAT, It's don't worth it, people will always judging and bullying, dont listen to them, you'll always be beautiful for the people who care about you. #nevergiveup #staystrong

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Booos wish me good luck xx #plantcity #UWT #Damnnn

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My flawless crew

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