Ask me if I care so I can kindly tell you I give zero fucks #LPNtoRN #SoonToBeBSN #iKnowSports #YogiInTheMaking #FitChickWhoLikesToLift

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Feels good to be at peace with everything in my life. I can put a genuine smile on my face

Something I have to work on

I love this pic

Decepticon...I need makeup to give myself some color

like this

Me n my daughter doing AcroYoga

this lol idk shit about dildos

Summer time classy lol RT : #TwitpicAClassyDress

My stomach doesn't look THAT bad but a tummy tuck would make my stretch marks look better

These nipple rings tho >>>>>

Excuse my bottom boob cleavage RT : What's your favorite tattoo on your body? Please Twitpic. I wanna see.

This the last year I'm gonna be taller than my daughter

RT : 19. Twitpic the last photo in your album.

The fake booty pic

I do sometimes...see I embraced it this weekend lmao

I'm childish cause I crop my forehead out of some of my pics

4'11 - 109lbs RT : Ladies twitpic full body pics with your weight and height

Some of my patients come to my window to get medicated with the creep face like this....