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Front yrd a mess..ah well, you kill the cow, u gotta mk an omlette....

This is seriously cool..me have happy face

I wasn,t kidding..they are actually stealing my dirt !!

U2 Athens party swag..a 360 blankie !!!

"PUTTER ISLAND" #wontmovehis #ScottyCamerons

Lv my new u2 tee..howevre, y is the cherub blindfolded?

Hello from greece..u2 tonite. It'a beautiful day....

I have low self esteem...

Here, let Manniken pis open your Belgian beer for you

Honk if u still use crayons as a grown up


B'fast at Tiffany's. **ok,ok. Diet Coke** **blerg**


At the salon

Iceburg water**u know you are salivating...biznitches!**

Can't believe I tk pic ov kim cattrells hair 4 the colorist next wk #ynotcarrie?

Is this polish a good color for me? **say yes**

Albino alligator

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