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Nineteen. Bass for @SFTFOfficial and @TheSweetApes. Taylor Swift enthusiast.

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"can I come too"

My bus has blue green and red lights, I am trippin out

Kerrod doppelgänger

I miss you :(

So apparently I look like Bruno mars.. So here you go!

it's nearly your time to shine grinchy! Merry grinch-mad sharky <3

Another (new) 1D store in the city??? This is exciting for me.. #imactually14

but I think I may be bigger #ego #missyoubro #beentoolong

but I think I may be bigger #ego #missyoubro #beentoolong

you're kind of a big thing over here

oi Yutaro, this? Can you transfer money and I'll come back Monday to get it. Of money hash transferred I'll

Oi look at this donut I had a Krispy Kreme today! It's so cute!

come get schmoogitty

here is one half hah

Lushing it up in the Hilton ! Check this dessert!

Quick twitpic of the waterfall we went to today!

1year later.. Haha I actually don't remember these!

hey Fran remember when we used to go off ? Haha #backintheday