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My name is Mikey Mcgee, & I'm an imperial shih tzu. This is my jail account. Please follow me on my main account, @Caseymarie7.

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One bacon rootbeer coming up Olly! #ody

Do these dance clothes make my butt look big? #ody

Have a bacon beer Teddy! #ody

This cayk is all for you Olly! I made it special! #ody

Here ya go big buddy! *Tzu slides beer to Ammie* #ody

OK.... (revs motorcycle) I'm on my way!

"Because I found it before Freska did, &washed it down woth a bacon beer."

Except when you pancake on a surface that's too slippery...den can't get up (cutest pic ever)

Here's da #TeddyCasino avi! Sooo very cute!

And dis one wif more pals! (The more pals, the easier it is to cheat wif paw signals)

Are you kidding? I gots 2 avis ready!

*Tzu waves tiny paw* Hi dere efurybody!

Look at dis one too! Love it! Saving dem all in ibone!

Oh you poor lil fella! You look like you need a cuddle! I have fur with a mind of it's own too!

*Tzu left, Abby right*

"JUST SAY NO TO NIP" How 'bout dat KiKi? Hehehe! or "THIS IS YOUR KITTY ON DRUGS..