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dominated competitive physical culture:bodybuilding,powerlifting, strongman,martial arts;his extraordinary accomplishments speak4 themselves

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happy bday from all of us

Todays pic ": u got a pic of the day for us"

Thinking about the year and all the fun stuff I got to do & all the nice new people I've met and some new friends.

library boring.Can we go 2 the park now I saw a hot pom last time!

Huh.. so were do I fit ? ": lol. Love it man"

My dogs r posers!! Lmao ... good face forward...good.. quarter turn to your left ...good.

What 2 do when u already drive a big ass SUV & ur wing man don't fit ?

Here r the other 3 ..": are all your dogs huskies"

No just stryker .. the one year old. ": are all your dogs huskies" my cardio buddy

Lmfao u guys r as crazy as me. I have 4

Love the parks in Nor-Cal... It's good to be home :)

1.intensity 2.focus 3.RAGE!! 7sets of 2 @ 705lbs no fluffy picture.this is hardcore grit !! #deadlife

Will do ": LOL cardio entertainment! Thanks Stryker for being a great sport errrr....puppy!"

": I'm down!!!"