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drummer. gamer. highly evolved organic logic engine. level 77 misanthrope with a +5 to nihilism. possibly vulcan. would set the world on fire for @ikearstin

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sexual objectification of females? in a sector of the entertainment industry?!


walmart run: q-tips, check; toothpaste, check; detergent, check; mjölnir, check.

but I ain't mad bro *trollface*

is bullshit that I JUST got my veteran gear cheevo when I got my 1999 cheev before you even had a leveling system!!

you didn't hear that already? this was posted at least 3 weeks ago!

this is all I saw as I looked over this binder =p #tron

how about meow?

x-men assemble!!

did you say.... Magneto?!

actually, this one is on my other hand and it IS from only spinning =p

I remember these! #loveblastpractice

trying to get my groove back

today's lunchie-munchies:

alright, I've fallen off the horse pretty fkn hard this year in terms of diet. I need to fix this shit:

my livingroom right now

uhhmmmm.... yeah #tfu2

dear Halloween, say hello to my costume: "Shitty Wolverine"!!'

I don't think I can count that high. what you see is about 1/4th of the room I'm in

before show announcement. WM 26 package with WM 25 highlights.

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