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Writer/Director. Film nerd. Apple fanboy. Mandalorian. Halloween zealot. Stuck in the 80's. http://www.MrTrickersTreat.com

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here you go dude…

I always knew the Peanuts had an ‘Evil’ side to them.

Netflix understands me.

Anyone read this? I hear it’s a page-turner.

This email just made my eyes light up.

Happy 35th Birthday to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. #CE3K I believe they’re out there.

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Friend just sent this pic - It’s Halloween & Candy Corn Oreos are nowhere to be found, but these are already stocked

If any of you crafty individuals pass these out to trick-or-treaters tonight, send me your address…I’m coming after you

October 28th 2012

He’s just hanging out, waiting for Halloween to get here. One more week…

Just realized that Kristen’s house from ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ is on my running route.

My skeleton friend has a message for you…

Boney Island - Sherman Oaks, CA

October 21st 2012 - Death by Sword

October 20th 2012 - The Patch

I think I saw E.T. hiding out in Hancock Park earlier today…

October 19th 2012 - Choir of Ghosts

I’m going to get some sleep tonight if it kills me.

October 10th 2012