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tour. party. sleep. repeat. oh and chipotle 24/7

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A lot of people think my life is compared to jail because I like to do puzzles:)

My fries came in this. How's a dude supposed to be happy with a happy meal when you get 6 fries?????

My life right now.



You guys can give me the lamest costume award this year haha

My newest piece of art, done with sharpie and wideruled notebook paper, copyright 2011 tee hee chicken fuckers

your turn bitchessss:-)

Shitty pic but this is kicking ass one the last day of our tour. Thanks dudes!!!!

Yea. I'm this Goddamn bored.

Me just hanging with the ducks.....haha I'm lame

This is the craziest tattoo on my body....."fucking sno bitch"

I'm actually very sad this dog is no longer in my life, it wasn't even my dog. #fuckyoususan

C Lo....yea we hood

being the man!!!!

haha this is an advertisment in new Mexico homie!!!

Perfect start with

Just a flashback to when made my life... I will never forget this moment, ever

So cute:):):)

I hope these girls aren't missing, these photos are signed and were laying on the bed, maybe a bad motel choice:(