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I get paid to do (& have fun doing) PR/soc media marketing for @Chrysler Group. My tweets do not necessarily reflect $0.02 of Chrysler, or anyone else.

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. is a great start for my cube wall at work, but it looks lonely ;(

#ThomasTheTankEngine arrived! Thanks for the contest.

Callin' it a day.

Some wild visitors to Chrysler Group HQ today!

For ...

Goodyear Blimp over Monroe County, Mich.

About a dozen or so people on walking path outside #Chrysler HQ...on finally a sunny day.

Taking time to stop & smell the coffee (& drink it). And, yep, still using mug from .

Pretty sunset to a pretty good Sunday.

Good night, Tower. See ya in the morning.

Okay, define "success."

Potions are a natural part of any Wizards of Waverly Place Bday party right?

#Spotted NB Woodward Ave (Royal Oak; at a red light). Plate reads "HERBUGY" Woodward #DreamCruise

Mmmmm! Banana strawberry nutella crepe at Plymouth Coffee Bean #tweetea #hungrydudes

"Stop light over sunrise"

Moon over Bedford Township, Mich.

I call it, Reflections (aka playing a bit while enjoying a brief walk outside)

I took this pic with a cell phone #rebel ;)

The early bird gets the worm. (Or at least gets to crash in early on the continental breakfast.)

Ominous clouds ahead. #Dayton