I have a codependent relationship with the sound of my own voice.

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Cute little construction cones in the hallway at work. Maybe we finally fixed those potholes?

So just brought me this massive Dr. Pepper. He either loves me, or wishes me dead.

Checking out a show w/ &

Took the boys to #thecroods

Hey thanks for the kind note! And, sorry about your sense of humor.

Twitter's follow suggestions for me...check out the middle one...

. my cookies are all gone but this stain from a sugar cookie remains. Totally counts right?!?

Lunch. Of. Champions. (and me)

I have a :79-second intro coming up. I'm gonna use the whole thing. Don't tell Tommy Kramer.

My Bible just wished me a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the early Xmas gift!

Never thought I'd regularly rep a Christian radio station in Vegas casinos. Yes, those are slot machines & .

It's the signing for a packed house at Green Valley Casino with !

My first Christmas card of the year, in today's mail. (Or it's a straggler from 2011?)

Having second thoughts on this "turn the other cheek" stuff. (w/ & )

Hanging @ Sunset Park in Vegas until 10 AM! Come say hi if you're nearby. :)

My kids actually expected to see their breath this morning! They're clearly acclimated to the desert (again).

Hey before you go hating on my recent song pop pick, these were my choices!

Somebody pinch me! Yet another reason to love .

Score! I snagged both President Obama AND Clint Eastwood to cohost my show today on ! See 'em??