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#4pics1word need assistance!

here ya go pal!

Praying mantis http://twitpic.com/atncff

Praying mantis

Baby salamander

Conestoga Generals cane to town for a scrimmage.

My new favorite auto correct courtesy of .

Thank God it wasn't him that broke the unbreakable.

A sudden shift in the wind at ocean city and the air is dramatically hotter. From a sea breeze to a bay breeze at 8:03 am.

Snapple fact #772 #fb

There's plenty of jokes here.

#kingofprussia #wegmans Steel popped up this week. And #wawa is looking to build at the old #petco.

I shouldn't be able to see him there!

MS to buy skype?

So proud of 's extreme couponing!!

Live look in on app on Nelson Lirianos no hitter final out.

My daughters teacher had the class draw a picture of what they'd look like at 100 yrs old for the 100th day of school #brilliant

Definition of laughing stock:


#phllies I don't drink but my 4 yr old picked out a cool key chain for me.