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Fuckin. A. #IBelieve

an auto session for a non twins player….

Ok, I’m here, where are you guys?

This look should be illegal in all 50 states, and the US territories.

Still can’t get over Doumit letting the ball drop, then throwing to the wrong base. #TwinsWay

Cough, #RobotUmpsNow, Cough #MnTwins #Phillies

You can stop everyone, a woman from Ely just painted this awesome “circle me Bert” sign. #MNTwins

Look at those movers & shakers:

Hey , these arrived today, can’t wait to start my scorekeeping in styyyyle!

All you stupid “grand slam” tweeters jinxed Arcia:

If by RH you mean used it to point at his left arm, well yea.

Meanwhile, this pitch was just called a ball #RobotUmpsNow #ImSuperCerealYouGuys

Yup, this looks like the perfect spot to call an outside strike 3 on one of the best eyes in game. #RobotUmpsNow

The #derp is strong in rows 1 and 2.

Just went in the Byerlys restroom in Eagan…why the fuck are there so many used needles?

The kids stopping their half-hearted warmups to watch last nights highlights.

Hey, KC, what’s the deal with not having Mauer on your malt cups? Get with the program, he’s Midwest royalty.

Follow up to look at tag being fully applied, notice Parms is already coming up, and still poor ump positioning:

Hard to definitively show, but it appears Parms foot is on base here. (You can also see poor position by ump)

Rumored #SportivePromotionalShoot picture.

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