Aspiring artist, doing what I do for fun. Feel free to view my art here- http://t.co/TNOopOEkMk

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WIP of an armour concept Im working on for PTRO. Its not complete so any ideas of what to add/ change? The template is obviously customised for Powerpoint so its not as good as the flash version but its practical

  • 1096 days ago via site
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Armour requested by . He wanted a Highly detailed armour, with a slight sepulchure and evil theme.

  • 1101 days ago via site
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Two possible Guns for PTRO, left one was shown previously so only the right one is new.

  • 1102 days ago via site
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New HS armour set suggestion. Any name suggestions?

  • 1105 days ago via site
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New AQW armour concept*- went with a Gunner type theme, the skull on the face is just a mask, if theres any confusion. What d'you think?

  • 1108 days ago via site
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HS comic contest entry- Adventures of Beleen: How she REALLY joined HS

  • 1110 days ago via site
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New armour, haven't drawn a suggestion for a while so came up with this. What d'you think?

  • 1113 days ago via site
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Arctic Rampart- Updated this as the first had some problems, what dyou think?

  • 1116 days ago via site
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Crossbow for PTRO. If I had a personal weapon it would be this but if this does go in it should be available for all players. Made in Powerpoint*

  • 1117 days ago via site
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Here are some HS armours I worked on, theyre pretty much remakes of some of my AQW suggestions. You can go ahead and suggest names.

  • 1119 days ago via site
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BeastMaster type armour, no name as of yet. What do you think?

  • 1137 days ago via site
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The Kraken Blade by original on the right(link- http://twitpic.com/3osoqs ) Hope he likes it.

  • 1138 days ago via site
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Crossbow Template *NOT a suggestion* - For anyone who wants to make a crossbow Ive put together a very simple template, nothing amazing but Im sure many of you will be able to make something out of this.

  • 1139 days ago via site
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A few weapon designs I drew, all quite simple but Im satisfied with them.

  • 1139 days ago via site
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Dont always make plate armours so I wanted to make them more often. So I went with this. How is it?

  • 1139 days ago via site
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Decided to make myself a PTRO style NPC. Obviously made in powerpoint so its not compatible with the game. How is it anyway?

  • 1141 days ago via site
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Wanted to make a detailed cloth armour, so I went with this. How did I do?

  • 1145 days ago via site
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Felt the Bionic set would fit into ED well too so I made an ED version of the Bionic Soldier.

  • 1149 days ago via site
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Made a weapon set to match my recent Bionic armour, have no names for these as of yet, so feel free to suggest.

  • 1149 days ago via site
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Felt like drawing a Bionic armour so I drew this along with a weapon set. Dont have a name for it yet, any name suggestions?

  • 1149 days ago via site
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